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Mirror Link: Xcruiser Softwares @ Mediafire Release note Version 2.0.271. Channel list deleted...

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Receiver Software

Phoca Download

Firmware Updates for Receiver!

Instruction to Update the Software by USB

Normal Update

1. Copy the software file .IRD to USB ( don't keep the software file in folder, it should be in USB ROOT)

2. Connect the USB to Receiver and wait for the pop-up, Press RED key to start download

Force Update

1. Download the software file and rename it to "UPDATE.IRD" copy the software file to USB

2. Remove power cable and connect USB to receiver

3. Press and HOLD CH^ key on front panel and start the receiver wait for update to complete and receiver will reboot 


Mirror Link: Xcruiser Softwares @ Mediafire

Release note Version 2.0.22

1. Weather forecast error while loading cities :Solved

2. Video Aspect ratio display problem : Solved

3. While in Channel EDIT menu Launcher Error and slow menu response : Solved

4. Random Launcher errors : Solved

5. If System is Locked from Parental control upon reboot shows black screen : Solved

6. If Main Menu language is Persian/Arabic then while changing TIME or Setting shows Launcher Error : Solved

7. While changing channel from SAT to SAT shows wrong Degree : Solved

8. Record failed in Network storage drive : Solved