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Mirror Link: Xcruiser Softwares @ Mediafire Release note Version 2.0.271. Channel list deleted...

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Receiver Software

Phoca Download

Firmware Updates for Receiver!

Instruction to Update the Software by USB

Normal Update

1. Copy the software file .IRD to USB ( don't keep the software file in folder, it should be in USB ROOT)

2. Connect the USB to Receiver and wait for the pop-up, Press RED key to start download

Force Update

1. Download the software file and rename it to "UPDATE.IRD" copy the software file to USB

2. Remove power cable and connect USB to receiver

3. Connect the Power Cable while keep pressing CH^ key on the REMOTE control receiver front panel will show uPdt and update will begin


Mirror Link: Xcruiser Softwares @ Mediafire

Release note Version 2.0.27

1. Channel list deleted after reboot : Solved

2. Receiver rebooting when scheduled recording from EPG (AsiaSat 100.5E) : Solved

3. Unable to download from MARKET Application if the main menu is Persian/Arabic : Solved

4. While Changing Channel Video Format receiver shows Launcher Error : Solved

5. Stored information of Sharing account Xcam2, Azcam will be deleted after factory reset or all tv data reset : Fixed

6. When press CURSOR key twice open Signal Level bar : Solved

7. Wrong network information of channel in Channel List Menu : Solved

8. Changing LNB Power ON/OFF cannot be save : Solved

9. Persian keyboard added : Menu => Apps => Setting => Language and Input => Keyboard and Input Method

10. Time information will be fetch from Internet, If no network then it will get from specific Satellite signal : Added

11. Scanning a satellite with Blind Scan option will stop scan process in between : Solved

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