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Xcruiser Plugins only !


Instruction to Update the plugin by USB

1. Copy the plugin folder to USB ROOT

2. Connect the USB to Receiver and wait for Few seconds, a window will pop-up showing the plugin, if its not showing plugin then press the Right -> key from remote till you see the plugin

3. Press the RED key from remote to start download, however download finished and receiver updated then Receiver will Reboot itself with newly installed plugins



Description of Plugin's


MCAS (Multi, Conditional, Access, System.)
Start Mcas for using Smart Cards, or Patch for Viaccess,Irdeto, Niagra, Seca etc...

Start coconut for opening BISS encrypted channels, check the guides section to know how to use COCONUT

all these plugins are paid subscription plugin, this plugin requires a subscription code from the provider inorder to De-Scarmble channels

Xcamclient & Xcamconfigure
To use CCCAM, NEWCAMD, MGCAMD or CAMD35 in Xcruiser receiver this plugin is very helpful.
XcamConfigure is for Configuring the account information like Server address, Port number, Username and Password etc
After Configuring the Account inforation in XcamConfigure, Start the XCAMCLIENT to make the connection to server and De-Scramble channels


This plugin is use only for external TwinProtocol Dongles,


Key Updater
Start this plugin to update the Patch files for MCAS and COCONUT codes for BISS channels


This plugin is for using CCCAM, NEWCAMD, MGCAMD or CAMD35
See this video for more information about configuration