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1. To add Biss key go to Channel press EXIT key 2 times then INFO 2 times and RED key 2 times

2. To use Twin Protocol Dongles Press Menu => Conditional Access => Card Share => SSSP Twin press OK

3. Master Pin Code is 2064

4. Can Support CCcam, Newcamd, Mgcamd, Nascam, Deltacamd, Spidercam, Avatarcamd, Xcamd, Skycamd, Gscamd, Anaconda Cam, Camd35, samprocamd, Safaricamd,

5. Can Support IPTV Protocol, RTMP, RTSP, HTTP, HTTPS, HLS, MMS

6. 2 USB ports for Recording and WIFI or 3G dongles

7. Can Support Multimedia files, MP3, JPEG, AVI, MKV, MP4 etc...

8. DLNA and Big2Small,
by DLNA its possible to play Mobile content on TV, With Big2Small play the Live channel on Mobile Device (Android at Present)

9. Youtube, RSS Reader, Weather Forecast, Google Maps, FTP, Kartina TV, Youporn

10. Satellite Scanning Auto, Manual, Blind.

11. Record 2 channels simultaneously from same transponder

12. Record the whole transponder stream for offline decoding

13. Arabic Persian and Russian EPG supported

14. Set the Timer from EPG or Manual, After recording over, receiver can go back to Standby mode or stay awake

Read the software release notes to know more about Improvements / Additions and Changes


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