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XTS-9950hd XtormSat Digital Satellite Finder

XTS-9950hd XtormSat Digital Satellite Receiver



XTS-9950HD XtormSat Digital Satellite Receiver

1. XTS-9950HD can support DVB-S and DVB-S2 frequencies, MPEG2 / MPEG4 and HD

2. Sensitive Tuner, Catch signal quickly

3. Audio Video INPUT and OUTPUT helpful for checking CCTV Cameras,

4. Back LIGHT in keypad for clear view in NIGHT Time

5. Fast Spectrum analyzer can help find Satellite signal easily and let you fix the dish accurately

6. 3000mAh battery will keep the finder awake for 4hours on standby,

7. HDMI port for connecting LED/LCD with Finder

8. USALS and DiseqC 1.2 can let you align any kind of HH motor antenna

9. Add, Edit, Delete Satellites and Transponders manually and by PC tool

10. Constellation Analyzer, Analyze by frequency or by Program

11. USB port for Software UPDATE,

12. Auto SCAN, Manual SCAN, Blind SCAN, will help you get the channels from the selected satellite signal fastest way

13. Capture Screen of Spectrum Analyzer & Constellation will be store in finder memory, it can help to compare the Signal Strength

14. Export Satellites LIST and Transponders List to USB and EDIT/Update in Computer then Import back to Finder

15. Rubber Cover around the Device will reduce the risk of Shocks,

16. Accessories are, AC Adopter 12v-1A, Car Charger, AV input/Output Cable, Carry Belt, in-between connector and User Manual


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