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XTS-9950hd XtormSat Digital Satellite Receiver



Xcruiser XDSR98HDPVR

1. 2USB ports Front and Rear for Channel record or Software Update

2. Can support BISS & MCAS for PATCH keys, Mcas can be copied from Xcruiser AVANT models and Install in 98HD by USB

3. Can support DolbyDigital Audio thought HDMI or COAXIAL port

4. Record 2Channel and watch other channel from same Frequency simultaneously

5. Can support Russian, Persian, Arabic EPG languages

6. Can support Multilingual TELETEXT

7. Channel store capacity 10,000

8. Can support Hard Disk up-to 1TB

9. AUTO Diseq detect option for easy installation

10. Can start the recording from TIMESHIFT

11. Can record the full TP or TS or PS format video

12. Power Saving mode can use only 5W while in standby mode

13. Supports 7days EPG guide


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